Capella Kid's Ministry

We have FUN!  We learn about Jesus.  We get to know each other.  We always keep in mind the church is here to help parents, not replace them.  Your kids are going to love it at Capella, and Capella is going to love your kids.   

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Our Mission:

Capella Kid's ministry exists to gather kids into an age-appropriate community where children will learn to love God, grow together in community, and serve others in a way that brings glory to God.  We desire to equip parents so the kids can come to know Jesus.

Our first priority is every child's safety.

  • Our volunteers are trained concerning safety and security protocols.

  • Our facilities provide a safe environment for children of all ages.

Another priority for us is FUN!  We pour ourselves into the task of creating experiences and teaching lessons your child will talk about on the ride home.

  • We use hands-on lessons to make learning meaningful and relevant. 


When you arrive at Capella, please make your way to the white building at the bottom of the hill.  There you will be greeted by our volunteers who will guide you to your children's meeting place.  Our children's volunteers will check you in, get some information from you and learn a little bit about your children.  We'll ask about allergies and special needs, then show you the area where your kids will be learning.

After you've checked your children in you can make your way to our worship service in the main sanctuary.  If there is any issue that needs your attention, the kids' volunteers will send you a text message discreetly during the worship service.

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What We offer

Nursery and childcare

We have a permanent nursery worker on hand who is trained and ready to spend time with babies and toddlers.  We supplement this staff person with volunteers from our kid's ministry.  We work hard to make sure this environment is clean and safe.  We want every child to experience genuine love and engagement from our team.

kids praise

Our Kids Praise is down the hall from the nursery area.  We have strategically placed these groups near one another for safety and the convenience of the parents.  We've packed a lot of fun and learning into an hour (10:30-11:30) during our Kids Praise time.  The children usually begin with worship that is energetic and responsive.  Children love to play games, create, and snack so we've included these valuable moments into our hour as well.  We also have a small group time of learning and Bible study (9:30).  Kids Praise is geared towards children between the ages of 3-10 with specific topics for preschool and elementary school students.  

ON The Ride Home

On your way home, be sure to ask your child questions like, "Did you have fun?" and "What did you learn today?" It's our goal that every child has a positive answer to these two questions, every week!

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If you really want a glimpse into Capella's Kids ministry, check out the Capella's Kids Praise Facebook page...


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