worship experience...one church


During our worship time, you will have an opportunity to praise the Lord with one voice in Christian unity.  You will find a relaxed atmosphere for musical worship led by our band and worship leaders.  During musical worship, we desire to prepare our hearts through the music, lyrics and the working of the Holy Spirit to meet the Lord in Communion and to hear His word preached.  We believe it is important to express our adoration and to remain flexible on how the worship experience is organzied.  We sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and enjoy a wide variety of music to match the ever changing culture of Christian worship. The Good News of Jesus Christ never changes, but our way of presenting it must be relevant.

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communion & message

Each Sunday, we celebrate and reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. We invite you to take communion with us if you have called on Jesus to be your Savior and have been baptized.  You will also hear a message that shares biblical truths and is relevant to life today.


Small Group/ Sunday School: 9:30 am

Sunday morning worship: 10:30 am